Its been 7 days, 30 hours of aeroplane travel, 48 hours of no sleep, 4 different countries and a general temperature drop of 34 degrees celcius but I am, finally, in London…

The first thing I noticed as I stepped off the plane and out of Heathrow Airport was my innapropriate attire for the 4 degree temperature outside.  Wearing shorts, a t-shirt and a pair of thongs, my bronzed skin quickly shirvelled into goosebumps as I noticed everyone around me wearing long pants and thick jackets.  Arriving at my grandmas house with frozen toes, almost icicles, I enetered the heating and immediately shed layers.

  I have noticed here that inside is almost too hot and outside is bloody freezing.  bit of a catch 22 really, but its everywhere.  Maybe its just my internal thermostat going haywire at the constant and abrupt shift in temperatures, not only between countries but also heating systems.