Its been 5 months in South America and what a time. So many memories…here are a few.

Countries visited: Chile, Argentina, Peru, Bolivia, Uruguay, Brasil

Best country: Argentina (by far) – the food, the women, the wine, the steak, the women

Best City: Buenos Aires (by far, all above reasons and home to many memories) Only city I could live in South America

Cheapest Steak: 450g, AU$3. Argentina, everywhere.

Person missed most: Molly the most gorgeous Border collie on earth!!                         –> of course I missed you too

Top 5 Memories: in no particular order
– The Inca Trail and Macchu Picchu
– Carnaval
– Buenos Aires, the whole time I was there
– Meeting up with Moz
– The Death Road
screw it 6….
-The Rolling Stones free concert, Copacabana
why not 7…..
Salar de Uyuni The Bolivian Salt Flat
ok, fine then 8…
– Salta
–ok too many. it was all kuta

Best night of my trip: New Years Eve 2006

Best friends I made travelling:
– The Guns (the originals, and then the extendeds) Brian, Tanner, Carmin, Nathan, then Dan and Adam.  also Katie (our holster)
– The crazy Danes Mors, Simon and Andes
– The Sharmamas the two and only Sjan and Karin (whose names i always got right!)
– Team hike Sash and Abi (top birds)

Best National Drink: Shit, they’re all good. The pisco sours in Argentina, Chile, Peru and Bolivia. The 25 boliviano, 5ltr petrol tanks of Rons Rum in Bolivia and the Capirinhas in Brasil.

Most Dangerous City: Salvador, Rio or La Paz…but the guns live on danger.

Person I recieved the most emails from:  My mum

Person I received the least e-mails from: pretty much the rest of you

Coldest Night: Fitzroy, El Chalten, Patagonia. -5

Hottest Night: anywhere in Brasil, sweaty balls everywhere

Cheapest Night: La Paz, Bolivia (by far), cant believe I actually argued for 10 minutes over a $1 taxi ride. Still i got it for 80c.

No. of chicks I was with: A gentleman never tells…… alright fine Im not a gentleman but my mum reads this thing. Email me for numbers, detailed boasting and probably photos 😉