The concept of a holiday from a holiday is a foreign concept to all those probably reading this and of course for myself over the next year (and unfortunately for more time than that).  However there is a neccessity for one to take a break from the fast paced partying lifestyle that accompanies the life of a backpacker.  Such was the case for 8 of us after our time in Salvador for Carnaval that we packed our things and headed to an isla called ´Morro do Sao Paulo´ where the white sand, beating sun and crystal clear blue waters eased our bodies, soothed our heads and built our tans.

  There is not much to tell really about the time we spent there.  Everyday was a sort of de ja vu as we wealked from our apartment to the beach, went from the beach to the mirador (lookout) for sunset and then either back to the beach for some amazing fresh fruit cocktails or to our apartment to chill out.

  the actual island itslef was amazing.  The closest I have seen to a real tropical island the whole time I have been here.  The water was the temperature of taking a bath, and just like everywhere else in Brasil, there are people walking all over the beaches selling Açai, beers, fruit salads, sandwiches and sunglasses.  It is a good day when the sunglass salesman comes to you.  It almost makes you feel rich and famous.  Then you remember exactly what your budget will allow you for dinner.  Its the simple things in life which are always the best; im sticking with sand and sun.