For those who do not know about it, shame on you,  Carnaval is the biggest party in the world.  Every year the whole of Brasil, and now catching on to other countries, celebrates the end of something and the beginning of another;  Ok so im not great with my local knowledge at the mo mo.  Basically, the entire country decorates thier streets, paints thier faces, dresses in traditional dress and fills the entire city with colour, music, laughter and dancing.

  Naturally, there are different types of Carnaval.  The biggest being Rio de Janiero and Salvador, the entire country celebrates tho not to the same tune as these two cities.  Choosing Salvador as my Carnaval location, I was able to participate in street parades and dance to the drumming rythyms of the Brasillian Africans.  Everyday was a party bigger than the last and the partying continued throughout all hours of the day. 

  The daily routine was loose during the day and mostly we spent time walking the streets and shopping at the various street stalls, but the nights were a musci filled all-night-fiesta.  We had so many options and the city was divided into three main sections.  Firstly, Pelorhino the Histoical Section, (which is where our apartment is) where the majority of the British Slave trading occurred in Brasil, where the houses were colourful and colonial and the people of mostly Afro-Brasillian origin.  Big smiles, loud rythym and lots of colourful dress.  The other area was Camp Grande, where the locals partyed with the tradition float scene, where giant trucks drive the road blasting music that a crowd inside the ropes dance to and the less safe, outside the rope area, dance to aswell.  It is very common in this part to be grabbed by a random girl and passionately kissed for as long as u´d like.  And lastly, Porto da Barra which sadly is the most expensive Gringo area where the party exists again with mostly white faces, louder more commercial music and bigger brighter lights.  In this area it is a certainty you will be grabbed by random girls to make out.

  This was thew area we spent most of our nights, where we saw U2 perform thier free 3-song hotel balcony concert and where we walked in the rain following Fatboy Slim for another free concert of a different type.  The biggest bands and the biggest parties was this area and the main area for Gringo because of its size and the level of safety.

  All in all out of our 13 people:

Everybody kissed many random girls

9 People were punched in the head, a few multiple times, one on multiple occasions

6 People were pickpocketed, loosing not necessarily too much at all

700 beers were consumed (not including street beers)

16 hours of sleep was averaged

72 Hotdogs were consumed

7 nights indulged

  I told you….. Its the biggest party in the world.