BBC News Sunday, January 19th.  ´´More than one million rock fans in Brazil have enjoyed a Rolling Stones concert on Rio’s Copacabana Beach – one of the biggest gigs the world has seen.  ´´

It is estimated that around 1.2 million people crammed the shores of Copacabana beach in Rio de Janero for the free concert of a lifetime.  The Rolling Stones performed on a stage erected in the middle of the sand and with an extendable stage that walked out a further 50 odd metres into the crowd.  With people camping up to 2 nights before the show on the beach, and others waiting all day long in the 35 degrees the day of the 18th (of January) to secure a good viewing spot for the concert the scene was set for an enormous concert.  Completely underprepared we did not set off from our apartment until about 10pm that night but somehow managed to worm our way through the sea of sweaty bodies (shirts off slipping and slidng through) to somewhere no more than  40 m from the stage.  In fact I had a clear view of the entire stage the whole night, which I learnt the next day was quite a rarity.  Likened by myself to being inside a sardine tin left in the sun, Ralph and I sweated our way through the concert bouncing when the crowd bounced, singing during the corus´ (the only parts I really knew) and screaming for encores when the lights dimmed for the first time.

  Playing thier first ever free concert in Brasil the police were there in thier thousands and I really must commend the Rio Police force and counsel for thier amazing amounts of preparation and planning.  Told by countless locals to take no more than R$10 (AU$6, and NO camera, NO more money, NO watch) because of how likely or expected everyone is to be robbed I was surprised at the atmosphere in the sweatbox that was the crowd.  Everyone was there to have a good time and listen to the music and thats what everyone did…except of course the 3 people who got stabbed.  Three from over a million isnt bad tho.