Think of the coolest country you possibly can.  Think of reputation for the sexiest women alive and thier ability to ´shake dey booo-tay`.  Think of Capouera.  Think of the most famous river in the world. When you think football (sorry soccer), which country reigns supreme?  Thats right… Brasil!

  Well here I am.  In a country that uses the word ´pasta´ in reference to a ´folder,´ Where a 10 year old kid would terrorise the local friday soccer competition in Carlton and bikinis seem to come in 2 sizes; small and extra small.  But hey.. you dont see me complaining.

  Landing on my feet definately, we are 7 sharing an aparment on the beautiful island of Florianopolis.  Its not a palace, infact its a shoebox, but its home and we´re a happy family.  We have myself, the 2 dutch shamamas Karin and Sjan, 2 Danes Martin and Simon, an English contingent Liana, and Bo representing both Israel and America.  International by origin, we certainly have similar notions of a good time.

  Days are whiled away on the beach, or one of the many beaches lining the coast in 360 degrees.  Nights are spent with an enormous meal followed by beers, vodka and the beach again.  Infact I think I have spent over 60% of the time in total on the beach and have sand in every possible nook and cranny of both my room and my belongings.

  Already 7 nights here, we have just booked and paid for another 5, of which tonight is the first.  I have a brasillian sarong which has become my beach towel, blanket at night, skirt for the mornings and skirt for the afternoons.  I like skirts infact….you really feel the breeze.   If only western society could accept me in one.  Infact, probably not a good idea, although I did try on Karins beach dress after a ´circle of death´ round the other night and, well im not gonna lie there are pictures, it wasnt a good look.

  For the past 6 days we have agreed the infamous ´tommorrow´ will be the day we rent a car and actually see some more of the island as well as venture out by boat to another adjacent island supposedly blessed with amazing beach and coral reef ideal for snorkelling.  This, like most days is happening tommorrow, but so far tommorrow has not come.  This tomorrow will be different.

  Atlast, I am up to date with my blog.  Until the next time, when I have probably allowed myself to fall another fortnight behind, adios, and enjoy the chance at a current update.  I will wirte more soon, but then again, im not really doing that much these days 😉