Not knowing all the seven natural wonders of the world by heart, I am uncertian as to how miraculous the waterfalls of Iguazu are in the international arena.  If they do not poll in this seven then amendments are necessary to include the falling water of Iguazu as the eighth wonder.

  Arriving in Iguazu after a 28 hours bus ride, which for the last 12 hours I had a spare seat next to me; essential for one to experience something resembling beneficial sleep, I reunited with Bo and settled into what was to become my bed for the next 3 nights.

  Puerto de Iguazu, the city the falls are in, is not one blessed with many activities catering to backpackers.  The city is sparsely set out, the hostel was far from everything and laundry was bloody expensive.  Infact everything was expensive in the city set up for tourists there for one reason alone; Iguazu Falls.

   I spent the first couple of days lounging around the hostel which was decked out with pool tables, fuseball, a ping pong table and an awesome swimming pool.  Unfortunately the staff were dicks, but apart from that the hostel was really nice.  Easily killing 2 days relaxing with a book and the makings of a tan, the Sharmamas; whose entry to this blog is now, despite having initially met them in Cusco………..soooo long ago, came from Florianopolis to meet up and together the next day the four of us went to see the falls.

  What I saw was nothing I could ever have expected. 

The most immense natural wonder, and certainly the most impressive waterfalls I have ever seen.  The scale of the falls simply has to be seen to be properly appreciated for what it is.  For 6 hours the four of us walked the manicured trails stopping and gasping respectively louder each time we were gifted with a view.  With several walking trails our time was occupied and the memory sticks in our cameras filled with photos and videos.

  I would shudder to think how much water flows over those falls, per second let alone per day, but once again the scale of the falls has to be seen to be believed.  The splashback of the falling water, to attempt to put it into perspective, filled ones view and coated ones skin with a refreshing cool mist.  Immense!

  It was not until it began raining, and I mean raining, that we ventured back toward the bus stop and made our way, our eyes scintilated with about all the natural excitement they could ingest for one day.

  My last night in Argentina was one I truly savoured.  I love that country sooo much.  everything about it.  The next day however, the four of us caught a bus from Iguazu to the beach ladden island of Florianopolis in Brazil.  Out of Argentina and into Brazil, honestly, does life get any better than this?

the peak flows

the granduer


guess who?

more splendour