There is a point about 4 hours north east of Montevideo where the rich and self proclaimed famous Argentinian people squeeze thier bather bottoms into a g-string, try to be as pretentious as possible, and pay three times as much for anything as anywhere else.  It is also a point blessed with several immaculate beaches where the sun beats down, the sunscreen is abundant and the bikinis are small.

  It was here, in Punta del Este that Boaz, an Israeli-American that I met in Baires, and me spent 10 days shortly after new years eve.  Though we were shuffled between three different apartments in the 10 nights we were there, we still managed to have a pretty awesome time.  Our first apartment was a 2 minute walk from the beach, had 3 rooms, cable tv, and an awesome kitchen.  Our second apartment was on the 4th level, had an awesome view, a 1 minute walk from the beach and an awesome view.  Our 3rd place had cable tv, which was pretty good considering it rained for the last 3 days we were there.

   The weather truly was amazing for the first 6 or so days we were there.  The first beach I had properly seen since I entered Sud America the days were whiled away walking through the overpriced shopping strip and laying on the beach.  It was a tough life.  We partyed at night and lounged around all day reading and swimming, playing classic catches, and walking the beach and enjoying the ´view.´

  My biggest regret of Punta del Este was that we never went out to the famous beach known as ´bikini beach.´  I can only guess at how it got its name, but it became one of those ¨we´ll do it tomorrow things,¨ and like most things like that, tomorrow never came.

  We did eat particularly well whilst there with access to full kitchen facilities we were eating pastas, burgers, roast dinners and scrambled eggs with lots of fruit and vegetables.  It was basically the only way I could eat, as supermarkets, like everything else there, were thrice the price of anywhere else I have been.  Even Chilé.

  Nights were alive with activity, none more so than the 11teens crowded outside Macdonalds all night, being the only place open where you didnt need ID.  Embarressingly, and due to Bo´s encouragement, we stopped into Macdonalds too many times between the hours of 5.30 and 7.30am.  Our drunken states forgiving our misconceptions about Macdonalds; my stomach not so forgiving the next day.

   It was in Punta del Este that I made my first true Argentinian friends.  Juan and Ezequiel, the two coolest kids from BA, were holidaying in Punta for the time we were there.  Hitting it off instantly the first night we arrived Bo, Juan, Ezequiel and I became a force to be reckoned with over the following week and a half.  Hanging out every night we taught them the infamous ´circle of death´ which became the prequil to many a good night.  Parousing the beach and enjoying the ´view´we found we had similar ´tastes´ and they even took us to the infamous naña to look around. 

   WMWM.  Whatever, your Mamma Works at Macdonalds became the motto of that trip as the four of us used it was to often and always in good spirit.  The time spent in Punta was awesome and the four of us really became good friends.  Whenever I think of either Punta del Este or Buenos Aires from now on I will think of my two new amigos who know well and truley they wil always have a  bed to crash in whenver they are in Melbourne.

  So…. as I love doing… To synopsise.  Punta del Este.  Three times the price and full of Argentinas wealthy.  Beaches lined with hot young ladies in bikinis clinging to fat old important looking men.  Where the heads are turned and no recognition to your existense is given unless you have money (which I clearly didnt wearing my t-shirt with the enormous hole in the back all the time…actually i am wearing it now).  Drunken Macdonalds, cool argentinian friends, lots of partying and lots and lots of sun, sand and cold clear water.  First of the beaches good, bring on Brasil!

Me , Bo and Rob our roomie

Bo, Juan, Me and Ezequiel

I hope these are the right size, if not look harder.