There comes a time when you are travelling for long periods of time when you sort of feel like you are in limbo.  In that grey area between what you want to be doing and what you are doing.  It is a wierd concept I know but for a variety of reasons I found myself with a week or two to kill. 

  After a long bus ride, always involving either bad or no sleep, one never feels like continually moving.  For this reason, and because I didnt want to enter Brasil to early I killed a few days in Buenos Aires, relaxing, sleeping, reading and generally walking around.  From BA I ventured north to Salta for another few days where I had an awesome time a month or so before.

And there you go.  Not much to report but time in Limbo.  Its funny though; its almost boring, but the time still disappears.  I am realising life is too short. I might have to take up religion so I get another one.  Which religion believes in reincarnation?