I cannot think of a better night of my life where I have ended one year and started another. Everything I have ever wanted from a good night was delivered to me in that one turn of the calanders page.

We started our New Years with dinner at the hostel which I had talked the guys into giving us for free because our Christmas dinner was so crap where a lot of wine was consumed over tasty food and some cintilating conversation. led by myself of course.

We ate and drank and counted down and hugged and kissed and hugged and drank until about 1.30 New Years Day before we embarked on a mission and a half to get to Opera Bay, the club we were going to for the night. We ended up walking the 25 blocks or so as NO taxis were available at all and at 2.30 finally arrived with our friends screaming ¨Where were you? We´ve been waiting for over an hour here!¨because they had our tickets. Opera Bay is a club on the docks in Bairies which is modelled on the Sydney Opera House. Enormous and with about 6 rooms, there was music and partying styles catering to all tastes and sizes. We waited for no time at all, as now I am an expert at pushing into lines, it really is an artform, AND I usually get everyone else in with me. Once inside the night really began.

Instantly seperating from everyone, one can only draw comfort from the amount of friends they know they have at a club and hence I went off to enjoy the club. Within about 20 minutes of being there I bumped into Ralph (who had been dancing about 1 metre from me) and two of the travelling possie of Australian girls from Perth crossed my path. We instantly started chatting and 5 minutes later we had jumped the rope and were partying in the VIP section. I cunningly got wristbands for the four of us so we could come and go as we pleased and we enjoyed the panoramic view of the dancefloor the elevation gave us as other backpackers I knew bitched about how we shouldnt be up there on account of how much it cost them to be there. I am not one to feel guilty in situations like those, but never-the-less, we left (knowing we could come and go) and danced throughout the club enjoying every one of the rooms. That is a lie. Actually there were only 3 rooms I like; Two electronic rooms and a hip-hop room, but I danced in all of them.

Occassionaly meeting up with various others here and there I quickly lost the Perth girls as Ralph went off to dance with some other people or something and again I was on my own. Lots of friends, lots of friends! After settling the nerves of a Canadian girl who told me a guy had just tried to rape her (tho I think he may have just been a little overexcited on the dancefloor) I went and danced on the big verandah which had pumping electronic music and was totally outdoors.

Then she came. Isa; the girl I had been dancing with and so keen to kiss 2 nights prior, appeared through the crowd with a smile and a ´happy new years´ hug. We clicked immediately and danced for a while before ´sitting down´ for some air. I spent the rest of the night with her dancing our way through the various rooms, holding her tight and gazing at her beautiful face. Actually thats not true, tho I thought it many times, I am not cheesey enough to simply gaze; not when Im that wasted and having such a good time.

It is amazing how quickly time slips through your fingers when you are engrossed in such a good time. Before I knew it there was sunlight and photos were being taken and the sky was turning different colours and girls were making out with each other. What a night! That night 4 of the girls I knew made out with each other for ages… I mean ages…. very entertaining. however, as the sun came up the party did not dim. At 5.30 Isa was feeling sick and she left with her cousin and sister. Surrounded by a group of people I actually knew, with the crowd dwindelling we made our way to the only open dancefloor and continued to party.

Donning my $10peso Aviator sunglasses that I had bought specifically for the occasion I hit the dancefloor now emersed in full sunlight where the hardcore partyers were going as strong as ever. dancing around for over an hour my glasses were the toast of the party and did the rounds with everyone in our group. It was not until the legs started to feel a little weak that we went back up to the VIP area (now open to anybody, I had not been back since my first visit; still the wristband made me look cool), and stood up there dancing whilst looking out over the crowd. For over an hour we danced and swapped my sunglasses, hugged and danced whilst partiers below lifted thier arms in salute to us, which we returned and everyone felt the new years spirit. I had the time of my night on that balcony and when the music finally died after an awesome DJ, with my throat almost dead and my shirt soaking wet with sweat, we dawdled out reminiscing on how good the entire night had been.

As people swarmed out from the club we all regrouped out the front before walking (AGAIN) the 25 blocks back home. we stopped at another hostel where we all drank a couple of beers and generally talked the usual nonsense people do in that frame of mind. Arriving home, I was excited about seeing Isa later in the day. I arrived home and finally got into bed at 11am New Years Day thoroughly satisfied with my night and the way i´d capped off 2005 and begun 2006. It had only been 11 hours, but 2006 was looking great!