Feeling depleated of ALL energy after New Years Eve, the days following were very quiet to say the least. I played soccer a couple of times, saw a movie and spent as much time as I possibly could with Isa.

Everything about her I liked and the time I had with her simply disappeared. I just loved being with her. Even tho I didnt go out and party during those couple of days before I left for Punta del Este they were some of my happiest days in buenos Aires. I said goodbye to her with a heavy heart and a promise which I will honour to see her again in Sao Paulo where she lives. Actually, I cant wait!
A tradgic thing… The guns have dispersed, atleast for me anyways. With the departure of Nathan a week prior, one in which we all certainly mourned and still miss, the guns finally parted ways for me on the 2nd of Jan. We are meeting up again in Brazil and doing Carnaval in style, but god it was hard to say goodbye to those boys who had become my family for the past 7 weeks.

To my fellow guns, be you home in Canada or trekking through Patagonia; good luck to you all until next we reunite. May the strength we gave each other continue and our respective paths be burnt through anything that stands in our way. It was a blast and I cant wait for carnaval.

Needless to say…  Goodbyes are hard at the best of times let alone when its too my best friends and my favourite girl in South America within 24 hours of each other. But, on the 3rd of Jan I departed with, Bo, an American guy for Punta del Este. We were going to soak in the sun, sand and beaches that the holiday resort for rich Argentinians held. Sad to leave, I was happy to be seeing a beach.