It is better late than never.

One cannot continue without at least a few words about the year in completion, a time to reflect and contemplate mistakes and successes and learn from them for the year to come. God Im full of crap, but its true.
By the by, 2005 was a very good year for me. My first year out of university there are a number of aspects to the year which I will briefly synopsise.


Though there were periods of the year that were tough to say the least, the little conglomeration of personalities which resides at 149 The Boulevard in Ivanhoe came through in the end. With Penny moving intestate I lost a big part of my life however we maintained contact I even squeezed in a visit to the Goldy. Mums sickness was not easy, but with the help of dad I think the 3 of us really banded together and her continued improvement everyday was something that I think brought us all a little closer together. And of course molly, my favourtie McVey, what can I say. Gorgeous as always, even when she does jump in the drain at Chelsworth Park.


What can I say, I love my friends. Whilst ties with old friends were only strengthened even further the emergence of some new friends and a new team in soccer has opened up many more social networks that I never had in 2004. Basically 2005 was a great year for me with friends as I made new ones which I will keep forever, and realised just important all my old ones were to me. Of course, I always knew how important they were, Im just being sentimental now!


70 hour weeks certainly were no fun, but the balance of two jobs can be fun. Specially when one of the jobs is working in a bar. Late nights on weekends and a lot of free alcohol, the only bad thing about work was my job at TNS, and even that had great people for me to bitch to.


My beloved bulldogs. So close yet so far… I will never forget the feeling of utter demolition I felt the friday night we lost to the demons by 4 points shattering our chances of making the finals. Never the less, we performed better than I ever could have hoped and the spark they showed throughout the year is a beacon of hope for the future. I loved every weekend with dad as much as I loved anything else and had some of my happiest moments bonding with my father either in jubilation at the games or in debate over players and coaching performances. I will never forget the last quarter performance in round 19 against the Brisbane Lions where we came from behind to win by over 40 points. I am only disappointed I will not be there in 2006 next to dad cheering them on. But there is always 2007.


Even though only for 6 months, it was such a big part of my life for that period. 3-5 times a week usually for over 2 hours. Moz and I slaved at that bad boy toning our muscles and high-fiving everytime of us made a good accomplishment. We were a great team and I look forward to working out with him again real soon. (I know how gay that sounds, I dont care!)


Feeling like almost a year in itself the last two months of 2005 were amazing. I travelled through Patagonia and snow capped paradise with one of my best friends and embarked on a travelling adventure by myself thourgh Peru and Bolivia where I discovered social qualities I had not used in years and made myself again some amazing friendships.  what better place is there to end a year than Buenos Aires.
All in all, it has been great. the good definately outweighed the bad and the things I have done I will remember for a lifetime. I am very happy with 2005, and can only hope there is more to come in 2006!