13 million people.  4 million unbelievably sexy women.  $4US for a half a cow with a side of mashed potatoes.  A soccer culture.  The Christmas and New Years season.  Heaven…

   We arrive in BA (see, im cool!) 2 days before christmas just Katie, Carmin, Nathan and myself bright and early at 9.30am.  A taxi ride and I am in my hostel which was to become my home for the next 13 nights.  If anyone has ever said 2 weeks is a long time they have not spent that time in BA over christmas and new years.  2 weeks can be an eternity.

  It is now over 4 weeks since arriving in Baires (i know I am slack) so I am going to have to gloss over a few things that are not really that vivid to me anymore.  Basically, BA is an enormous city with a high density of nocturnal activity catering to the young and exhuberant night owls.  What I am trying to say is I slept most days and partyed long nights.  Also I played a lot of Soccer.

  Christmas was a fun time even if it was completely different to any other christmas I have ever had.  To begin no one decorates anything in Buenos Aires.  There were no christmas trees, no christmas lights on houses or building, no christmassy decoration in any shop windows.  In fact it could have been July in Melbourne if it wasnt for the blistering heat.  At least that part of christmas was normal… Another funny thing is everyone in Argentina has big nights on christmas eve, then they have the traditional day on christmas day with the family.  Quite frankly I have no idea how they do it. I have enough trouble with my family for 10 minutes when I have a hang over, let alone an intense full day…love you mum! 

  Deciding to organise our christmas through our hostal which had planned a big dinner then a club for the night.  We started with the dinner, which was crap, and at about 2am we all, being about 70 of us fromt he hostel, left and went to my first night of intense christmas eve partying.  Unfortunately, I had to apply more deodorant, nay, some deodorant and by the time we got back down stairs everyone had left without us.  3 of us hence caught a taxi from our hostal to the club and a 10 minute taxi ride and an offering to buy some cocaine later and we were at the doors as the others were just arriving.  Ahh, i love not having to walk.  We danced, drank, drank and danced until 8am the following morning before walking back in the sunshine to our respective hostals and calling it a night…or should I say day.  Bottom line, I spent all of christmas day asleep before I arose and managed to force down a little christmas dinner.  Once again, it could have been july for all I knew as it was the most unobtrusive xmas ever, but by no means less fun.

  The days between christmas and new years were spent in the traditional fashion.  We did the sights of Buenos Airies, partyed a lot, and of couse, yep u guessed it, I played a lot of soccer.  I quickly became friends with Sebastian, one of the workers at the hostel and he became my tourist information directory telling me all the good places to go out; information which made me very popular throughout the hostel as we constantly went out in big groups and constantly got home later and later.  I set myself a personal mission, to collect as many phone numbers as I could in the 3 nights after christmas.  Lucky my gringo dance moves are finely tuned and EVERYONE in BA speaks English, cos I managed to get 8 numbers in those 3 nights.  I never called one of them though, dont know why.

    La Boca is an area in Bairies which is basically the poorest neighbourhood.  There is a section set up for tourists and around we walked one day, taking photos, watching tango dancing and eating ice cream.  The buildings are colourful and there is a vibrant street atmosphere where artists gather to sell thier wares and tango dancers perform in the middle of the street.  Walking around, the girls were drenched by the streetkids with water bombs (to which I laughed histerically, possibly innappropriately, which they did not appreciate) tho I dont think they minded as much as they said, due to the 38 degrees which enveloped us.  Worth a look definately, my final conclusion is that Boca was a little too touristy for my liking.  I certainly got the impression that a couple of blocks from the brightly painted tourist area lay a neighbourhood not quite as vibrant.

  More alcohol, more circle of death and more night clubs.

  It was not until just after christmas that I received an email from Brain telling me he was coming to Buenos Airies.  Yes!! was my first thought, another gun in the hood.  Immediately Carmin and I made the reservation under the name ¨Romeo Lovechild¨ and his time in BA was from henceforth cemented.  However, the circumstances were less than as merry as my feelings toward him coming were.  Unfortunately all his stuff had been stolen in Mendoza and he was coming to get a new passport and new stuff.  Although this detracted from the overall feeling, he is not one to let things like that get him down and we rocked this city for our remaining nights.

  Ok, honestly I cant really remember the specifics of what happened in the days between Christmas and New Years.  I certainly played a lot of soccer with Sebastian and the others, but somewhere in that time Isadora, the most beautiful girl in South America, came to Buenos Airies and more importantly to Hostel-Inn Tango City.  Holidaying from Sao Paulo (Brazil) she knew everything about BA and quickly became the person with the ´word up´ of where was cool for a night.  Naturally, wherever she said she was going I wanted to go to.

  Club69.  Sounds great by the name, and on Thursdays it is the best club in BA, BUT… there was one little thing no one told me until AFTER I got in and had already paid the $25peso entrance fee…. It was transvestite night!  Packed like a sardine tin in peak fishing season the club was a sauna and bouncers would not let you out to cool down unless you were prepared to cue up to get back in; which I wasnt.  I had already pushed my way into the line once (something almost everyone from my hostel reminded me of the next day.. cos they had to wait ages…. haha), I wasnt doing it again.  Needless to say I danced that night away with the tranny show on stage and the occasional tranny ¨people-train¨choo chooing its way through the dancefloor and had a great time.  I left about 5am with some friends my t-shirt feeling like I had jumped in a swimming pool with all my clothes on.  BA is not a city to be a sweater, anyone that knows me, its not a good look at 4am.

    Tired and hungover for the entire next day I think we saw a movie that night or went out again… I dont even remember.  Actually I think we only took the 30th off, so we must have gone out again, we needed the 30th to rest as the 31st is obviously New Years Eve.  Big one! Duh!

  I will write another entrance solely about new years eve, but my time in BA from then until the 3rd when I finally left (and then came back 10 days later.. typical!) was pretty quiet.  I spent all my time with Isa and played soccer and went out to see a couple of movies.  But basically winding down from New Years.  What an end to 2005 and a beginning to 2006.