High on life after my amazing time in Salta and ready for adventure we all (the guys, or should I say the ¨Guns of Navarone¨) decided we should try and hitchhike our way south from Salta to Cordoba.  We decided to split into 2 groups, one of three and one of two.  After saying goodbye to Marianna I returned to my hostal where Ralph (p.s – Brian and Ralph are the same person) and I departed to hitch carriage on a truck and save ourselves some serious coin.

  Walking out of Salta with our hands out for anybody with room to stop for us Brian and I ended up walking over 10 kilometres in the blistering heat whilst nobody even contemplated stopping.  When it had already been 2 hours of constant walking and waiting I yelled into the wind ¨Why wont anybody stop for us?¨ At that exact second two men in a ute pullled over and were heading the Germes (the truck stop) and within one minute of my expression of distress we were in an airconditioned cabin on our way for FREE!  The guy drove like a demon and 25 minutes later we´d stopped where we needed to be.  Stage one was complete, now we just needed a truck headed for Cordoba or through Cordoba and then to convince him to take two extra gringos and we were set.

    We spent another 2 hours walking around Germes, speaking to truck drivers and generally having no luck…  When we learnt of a gas station specifically for truck drivers we (again!) walked down bearing full packs and began talking to the various drivers.  I spoke to about 20 truck drivers and not one of them was headed either near or through Cordoba.  Though I managed to adequately communicate in spanish and even get offers for many rides, no one was heading in our direction.  With another 2 hours and more daylight I am certain we could have secured a free ride to Cordoba, however it was now 9.30 and the last resort bus was leaving at 10. 

   We decided to walk back to the bus station in the rain and thunderstorm, hitched a ride back into town and then caught the last bus out of the run down town/truckstop and into Cordoba.

   All in all, it had been a 6 hour adventure and we´d actually travelled further from our intended destination, but like I said, we were up for an adventure.