The northern-most major city in Argentina is Salta and let me tell you, after 6 weeks in Peru and Bolivia, this colonial little city is paradise.  European buildings and architecture, chorizo lined streets, a hostal that organises daily football games and SUPERMARKETS…. yes supermarkets!

   We arrived in Salta late in the day after our overnight train ride and then day long bus ride.  We were tired and hungry and the first thing we did was organise some food.  The second thing we did was get a game of ´circle of death´ going before we rallied most of the hostal and went to a club a bit further down our street.  What a night.  I remembered exactly what it was about Argentina i loved so much the first time… the women are amazing.  Five minutes in the club saw us all dumbfounded tho not to drunk to carve up the dancefloor.  As always, it was the gringos that got the dancefloor pumping and 30 minutes later the room was full and I was macking with some brittish girl.  We danced and then went back to the hostal and that was pretty much the end of my night.

  The next 5 nights we spent in Salta were characterised in the same way.  We got up at about 4pm, ate some food, had a late dinner, played some soccer, got the word-up on the best club to go to and proceeded to do so.  I think in our week there we visited the best of all clubs in Salta, tho none really had that good music.  Its funny tho, you spend long enough surrounded by lame music, you have enough alcohol and ´whammo´ all of a sudden the music is not so crappy.

    More soccer, more steak, more wine, more sleep…….

   About the third night of us being in Salta we decided it was time for a big club.  Metropolis was a 9 peso taxi ride away and promised good things.  After a round of ´circle of death´ we headed out and arrived at about 2.30am.  The scene was hilarious.  The music was blaring, there were hundreds of people inside but the dancefloor was empty…. dead!  Within 15 minutes we´d had enough and Tanner, Katie and myself bit the bullet and took center stage with about 250 Argentinians looking on.  A little later and a few more gringos joined, then a few Argentinians and before you knew it whammo; we´d done it again.  By 3.30 the entire place was on thier feet shaking it to the tunes and I was in the middle of a podium overlooking everyone.  I stayed on that podium until about 7.00 the next morning, I really must have been quite a spectacle.

    At about 7.00 I had had enough and thought everyone else had already left the club.  I found Ralph sitting to the side looking very tired and told him we should leave.  The three ladies he was sitting next to smiled at us and he suggested we sit and talk with them for a while.  As I sat down next to Marianna I thought how pretty she looked and when we started speaking I began to realise my Spanish wasnt that bad.  She doesnt speak any English and I dont speak much Spanish but somehow we related to each other enough and I kissed her.  At 8am we were kicked out on the street where Ralph, with his lady, me with Marianna, and thier other friend saw Carmin and Nathan with 3 other local ladies, and together we tried to hail a taxi.  When we weren´t allowed into our hostal with local girls we sat in the park before saying goodbye, promising to meet back up, and ending the night with our traditional ´Super Pancho´(enormous hotdog) or Milanesa (schnitzel roll) and a quick chat-up of the hotdog stand lady (who saw us everyday at this time of morning and we´d become sort of friends with).

   I spent the next 3 days with Marianna and the more time I spent with her the more I liked her company.  I dont know why, but I liked the fact that she couldnt speak English and I found that after a couple of days my Spanish was rapidly improving.  We talked about all sorts of stuff and promised to keep in contact via MSN.  Unfortunately all good things come to an end, and I am travelling, it was time to leave.  I kissed her goodbye and she said she was sad, but she understood.

    That day we had planned to try and save 70 pesos and hitch hike our way South from Salta to Cordoba.