Cordoba is a university town 10 hours north of Buenos Aires.  Renowned for an abundance of young and attractive women the night life is supposed to be amazing during the year.  Unfortunately on this page of the calandar university has finished for the year and people are heading in troves back to thier homes for the holiday season.

   An amazing city Cordoba is rich in shopping and in architecture.  With beautiful plazas and a shining sun I spent most of my time walking the city and observing as much as I possibly could.

  We were only in Cordoba for a couple of nights, the weather was stinking hot, and the city was slowly quietening down.  You could tell the holiday season was approaching and hence our time there was relatively uneventful.  Beautiful to walk around thats really all I did.

  We did have an interesting storey however when we left cordoba.  Booked on the midnight bus we left the hostal at 11.30 to torrential downpour.  No one would venture outside but Ralph and myself who both ran laps of the block.  As I lost a thong and it started floating down the street/river I realised just how much rain was pouring down.  The streets were literally rivers with water halfway up my shins.  The gutters acting at shallow dams the entire streets were flooded.  As I took my thongs off and ran through the middle of the street barefoot, locals sheltering themselves from the rain laughed at the spectacle of a gringo desperate for a taxi running through the middle of a river. Soaking wet I returned unsuccessful but found that Ralph had managed to secure us a taxi.

  The funniest sight ever followed.  All five of us (Tanner had left for an earlier bus) with all five of our backpacks crammed into the taxi with a very disheveled driver muttering under his breath and shaking his head.  I had Nathans backpack between my legs, my daypack on my lap and my feet on the dashboard whilst god only knows how the other four with three backpacks squeezed thier way into the back seat.  In any regard we did fit and we tipped the taxi driver handsomely tho I dont think he was as satisfied as I would like to have thought.

   We arrived at the bus platform with 90 seconds to spare (I am not good with these Argentinian busses) and all said goodbye to Ralph (who was headed to Mendoza, whilst the rest of us were headed to Buenos Aires) (p.s- we had already said goodby to Tanner and taken a lot of photos of the ´Guns of Navarone´).  With a lot of hugs, goodbyes, Hi-5´s and ¨we´ll see you in Brazils¨ (little did we know it would be a lot sooner) we parted ways and the four of us boarded our bus to BA whilst he waited the extra 10 minutes for his bus.  

  Soaking wet I took my seat, shivering and tired.  I awoke at 4am freezing cold but somehow managed to fall asleep again before waking up in Buenos Aires in the humidity still sporting my wet boxer shorts.

   Buenos Aires.  Finally.