6 hours on a bus from Cuzco at your at the Peruvian Bolivian border town of Puno.   An hour and a half wait and your on another bus bound for Bolivia.  Of course, no bus ever has one pick up point, instead it is necessary for it to do several laps of the block collecting people within a square kilometre radius.  At 6am in the morning you really start to wonder why everyone doesnt just meet in the same place and not drive around for another hour, but then you remember…. this is Peru!

  Copacabana (Bolivia) is a beach town straddling the biggest inland lake in the world.  Lake Titicaca is enormous, you stand on one side and you cant even see the other.  The water is blue and it is home to the Bolivian Navy (HAHA).  They have a Navy with no ships, but we shouldnt laugh, someone might start attacking the fresh water trout Titicaca is renouned for and then wouldnt I look stupid for dissing a Navy in a landlocked country.

After reuniting with the band of travellers that seem to be following the exact path as myself we climbed the hard way 3/4 of the way up a hill before deciding the view was about as good as it was going to get.  Blessed with good weather the scenery was amazing and a few of us sat around on a rock in the bright sunshine and chatted.  Decending the mountain again a fresh water trout was for dinner accomapanied by a few beers and an early night.  The next day I was to explore Isla del Sol, or the Island of the Sun.