Cuzco, the central gringo hub of Peru, and I have fallen into the groove every backpacker does and spent way too long here.   Originally intent on heading from here to Ariquipa the day after my trek I decided i needed a couple of days of R&R to get over the nasty cough i developed along the trail.  Naturally this R&R has involved alcohol, dancing, sleeping, alcohol and a nice Welsh girl.

   I have had a great time in my recouperation and have also read a lot of my book, seen a few good dvd´s and done some christmas shopping.  But like all good things, Cuzco too must come to an end.  Infact, tonight I am bound for Copacabana which sits ashore Lake Titicaca and is the gateway to the beautiful ´Isla Del Sol´.   It is sad in a way, my 2 weeks here in Peru has felt like 2 months with everything I have squeezed in and everyone I have met.  It is a sad thing to close the pages on a countries chapter, but exciting to start reading the next.

Bring on Bolivia!!