This country is amazing….  Diversity would be a drastic understatement should one endeavour by bus through the varying backdrops viewed from a bus window. 

   Lima was cool, but still a city.  Almost immediately outside of Lima is endless desert.  Miles and miles of sand and nothing else.  Huacachina is an oasis nestled inside enormous surrounding sand dunes.   there are two reasons people go to Huacachina.. sandboarding and sandbuggying, and needless to say I did both.  Picking the more youthful of the buggy drivers our maniac was well equipped for tourist excitement.   I took a buggy trip, organised through my hostel through the surroudning desert and sanddunes as we flew through the sandy plains and mountains.  Though i totally sucked at sandboarding, it was a really good time, and i even managed to stand up long enough to have a proper wipeout.  And I mean proper, two flips and about 20 skidded metres saw me having a really good time.  I was less impressed however with the sand lodged in EVERY knook and cranny, but the stack was impressive.

    I finally mustered the will power to leave Huacachina, which was hard due to the poolside antics, late night drunken bbqs and blissful heat, and headed to Nazca to view the infamous lines.  $40US buys a 40 minutes flight over the lines which was good but not great.  Considering there is absolutely nothing (and i mean nothing) else to do in Nazca the lines were mediocre at best.  Kinda cool, i saw a hummingbird, spider, monkey and spaceman alongside countless lines and shapes etched into the arid plain and only visible by air.  believed to be an ancient astrological calendar or water map the plane ride made me feel queezy and two ppl in our Cesna threw up.

   Also visited an ancient Nazcan b urial ground where we had the method of buriel explained alongside vivid images of the actual tombs.  That night however I caught a bus from Nazca to Peru, where I am today.

   Cuzco is beautiful.  The original incan city before the Spaniards came for conquest Cuzco sits in a central valley lined by mountain ranges.  Staying in an awesome hostel, Loki, people here are really sociable and friendly.  I am having a ball at the moment, but i think the best is still to come…..

Tomorrow I am going proper Inca style. Tomorrow I am venturing on the 4 day Inca Trek.