Two and a half hours at a border crossing is more than enough, specially when 2 hours of it is waiting inside the bus, but I guess it could have been worse…. Could have been me that spent 20 minutes repacking my bag after proving to the Chilean authorities that I am not an international drug smuggler.

    Arrived in Santiago last night to a very pleasant surprise, there is not that much pollution.  The public transport system appears to be good and there are some awesome views from our penthouse apartment hostel which i can comfortably say is the best place i have EVER stayed in for $15 or less.  Hostel Navatierra is like a hidden appartment in an exlcusive block on one of Santiago´s central plazas.  If it weren´t for Emma and Caz (nicknamed our ¨Breakfast Angels¨, after hiking fresh danishes 2 hours in El Chaltan for our best meal on that whole hike) we would never have found it.  Infact, when we rang the bell I expected an old man in pajamas to be very grumpy at the two smelly Australian men standing in his doorway, but it is a hostel.  Polished wood floor, exposed beams on the roof, AND….. each bed has a doona!   So far Santiago is looking good.

   Our first night here included a Roast chicken with ALL the trimmings (again cooked by the ¨breakfast angels,¨ who are quickly becoming my guardian angels) and the 4 bottles of wine smuggled from mendoza.  We ate, drank, took photos and chatted.  Was great till Moz broke out the BB Gun, which he has a tendancy of doing, and started shooting everyone… Everyone!  After two glasses were broken, one of which took a liking to Maurices foot, it was definately bed time.  One never apreciates something as simple as a doona until they have it again for the first time in a month.  If heaven was a bedspread, it would have been my doona last night.

  Today is the girls last in South America.  Hanging with them is the only thing on the adgenda right now, and there may well be some tears during the goodbyes.  Otherwise, who knows for Santiago, might try and catch a soccer game, walk the city, hit a couple of bars and enjoy my doona (I am obcessively happy about it!)  But for now the suns out and I am not; its time to fix that!!


Roast chicken with The Angels


Hostel Navetierra


Mmmmmm, doonas


The view for sunset