Better late praise than no praise.  For those of u who dont know the bulldogs thumped richmond last friday night by 115 points.  Go doggies!  Should be top of the ladder, now end the season.


Had my first night on the town in London last night. Went out with my cousin and some of his mates to a couple of bars and a brasillian night club. Was freezing and although our indecisiveness meant we walked the streets for over half an hour I saw Trafalgar Square, Oxford Street and Leicester Square (yes I did feel like I was playing a game of monopoly) and two police officers that could have been pulled straight from “The Bill”. Now all I need to do is see these landmarks in the daylight.

Its been 7 days, 30 hours of aeroplane travel, 48 hours of no sleep, 4 different countries and a general temperature drop of 34 degrees celcius but I am, finally, in London…

The first thing I noticed as I stepped off the plane and out of Heathrow Airport was my innapropriate attire for the 4 degree temperature outside.  Wearing shorts, a t-shirt and a pair of thongs, my bronzed skin quickly shirvelled into goosebumps as I noticed everyone around me wearing long pants and thick jackets.  Arriving at my grandmas house with frozen toes, almost icicles, I enetered the heating and immediately shed layers.

  I have noticed here that inside is almost too hot and outside is bloody freezing.  bit of a catch 22 really, but its everywhere.  Maybe its just my internal thermostat going haywire at the constant and abrupt shift in temperatures, not only between countries but also heating systems.

I had a theory.  Arrive bloody late for check in and they will probably have overbooked the seats, overfilled economy (or as I like to call it ‘Sardine’) class, and you will be bumped up to either business or first class.  Yes, that could work…..


All the people that had the sense to check in early would get the good seats and the one who leaves check in till the last moment will sit in the worst seat on the plane, as far from a window as possible and right next to the toilet.  Those things are loud!

……………………………………………………………………………………………………………..  Could have been worse, spent the flight next to two Chech guys.  We completely drank economey class out of alcohol single handedly.  Very handy being next to the toilet actually.  They didnt speak English and I didnt speak Chech, but we did have a very detailed conversation.

Its been 5 months in South America and what a time. So many memories…here are a few.

Countries visited: Chile, Argentina, Peru, Bolivia, Uruguay, Brasil

Best country: Argentina (by far) – the food, the women, the wine, the steak, the women

Best City: Buenos Aires (by far, all above reasons and home to many memories) Only city I could live in South America

Cheapest Steak: 450g, AU$3. Argentina, everywhere.

Person missed most: Molly the most gorgeous Border collie on earth!!                         –> of course I missed you too

Top 5 Memories: in no particular order
– The Inca Trail and Macchu Picchu
– Carnaval
– Buenos Aires, the whole time I was there
– Meeting up with Moz
– The Death Road
screw it 6….
-The Rolling Stones free concert, Copacabana
why not 7…..
Salar de Uyuni The Bolivian Salt Flat
ok, fine then 8…
– Salta
–ok too many. it was all kuta

Best night of my trip: New Years Eve 2006

Best friends I made travelling:
– The Guns (the originals, and then the extendeds) Brian, Tanner, Carmin, Nathan, then Dan and Adam.  also Katie (our holster)
– The crazy Danes Mors, Simon and Andes
– The Sharmamas the two and only Sjan and Karin (whose names i always got right!)
– Team hike Sash and Abi (top birds)

Best National Drink: Shit, they’re all good. The pisco sours in Argentina, Chile, Peru and Bolivia. The 25 boliviano, 5ltr petrol tanks of Rons Rum in Bolivia and the Capirinhas in Brasil.

Most Dangerous City: Salvador, Rio or La Paz…but the guns live on danger.

Person I recieved the most emails from:  My mum

Person I received the least e-mails from: pretty much the rest of you

Coldest Night: Fitzroy, El Chalten, Patagonia. -5

Hottest Night: anywhere in Brasil, sweaty balls everywhere

Cheapest Night: La Paz, Bolivia (by far), cant believe I actually argued for 10 minutes over a $1 taxi ride. Still i got it for 80c.

No. of chicks I was with: A gentleman never tells…… alright fine Im not a gentleman but my mum reads this thing. Email me for numbers, detailed boasting and probably photos 😉


Last night in South America was in Santiago.  Although I checked into Hostel Plaza da Armas (formerly the famous Hostel Navetierra) after my torutrous 3am (cheap) flight from Salvador to Rio, then my flight from Rio to Santiago, I found Simon on the internet who is living in Santiago and he invited me to stay with him and Andes (two of my three good Danish friends) in thier apartment.   And so my last night was characterised by good food, good wine, good beer, good weed and of course good company.

The best way I possibly could have finished my time there.  The next morning it was train bus and the most uncomfortable plane ride ever.

The concept of a holiday from a holiday is a foreign concept to all those probably reading this and of course for myself over the next year (and unfortunately for more time than that).  However there is a neccessity for one to take a break from the fast paced partying lifestyle that accompanies the life of a backpacker.  Such was the case for 8 of us after our time in Salvador for Carnaval that we packed our things and headed to an isla called ´Morro do Sao Paulo´ where the white sand, beating sun and crystal clear blue waters eased our bodies, soothed our heads and built our tans.

  There is not much to tell really about the time we spent there.  Everyday was a sort of de ja vu as we wealked from our apartment to the beach, went from the beach to the mirador (lookout) for sunset and then either back to the beach for some amazing fresh fruit cocktails or to our apartment to chill out.

  the actual island itslef was amazing.  The closest I have seen to a real tropical island the whole time I have been here.  The water was the temperature of taking a bath, and just like everywhere else in Brasil, there are people walking all over the beaches selling Açai, beers, fruit salads, sandwiches and sunglasses.  It is a good day when the sunglass salesman comes to you.  It almost makes you feel rich and famous.  Then you remember exactly what your budget will allow you for dinner.  Its the simple things in life which are always the best; im sticking with sand and sun.